A Technology Ecosystem for Global Impact

TechSoup Global believes that when mission-focused organizations, individuals, and projects leverage technology for change, an ecosystem of tremendous social transformation is the result. TechSoup Global contributes to this ecosystem by enabling the delivery of innovative technology products, services, and programs to civil society organizations around the world, at scale.

TechSoup Global has redefined technology product philanthropy. Over the past decade, we have supported a tenfold increase in technology donations to the sector, valued at more than US$3.75 billion. This saves hundreds of thousands of participating organizations scarce money and time, which can be used for mission-critical activities to drive community impact. And we’re just getting started! 

TechSoup Global operates as part of a global partner NGO network that, collectively, builds a unique asset for the sector with worldwide reach and impact. By the end of fiscal year 2013, the TechSoup Global Partner Network offered capacity-building services in 53 countries, operating programs in 21 languages. We share a conviction that technology is a powerful enabler for social change. We work together to ensure that organizations have access to the tools and knowledge that they need to operate at their full potential. 

To achieve this, we leverage the world’s most extensive NGO database – with 546,000 registered organizations from 53 countries. We can rely on unrivalled NGO validation expertise to deliver an unprecedented volume of products and services to the social sector.


Technology products cycle through the TechSoup Global ecosystem, while information and data flow throughout. 2013 was a record-breaking year:

  • 103,202 organizations worldwide were served with donations, a 12 percent increase over the previous year. That includes 30,000 NGOs that had never received donated technology from TechSoup Global before.
  • Donation recipients in countries outside the U.S. increased by 30 percent. Product donation recipient numbers in the United States grew 4 percent compared to the previous year.
  • The result in one year alone was a US$626 million savings to the sector.  


The ecosystem in which TechSoup Global operates includes direct relationships with 546,000 nonprofits and libraries from 53 countries, 105 technology corporations, a network of 34 NGO operating partnerships, and an ever-growing community of individual tech activists, social entrepreneurs, and geeks.  Add to these the millions of people served by these organizations, and the hundreds of foundations and government agencies that contribute to supporting and amplifying their work, and you get a sense of the real and potential power of this ecosystem to change the world. TechSoup Global hopes to evolve its services and programs and in turn the overall ecosystem to keep those working for social change ahead of the curve and able to freshly lead their important work in the world.

In 2013, TechSoup Global made significant investment in its global, multisided community technology platform in order to further build and strengthen our global online community. We invested in becoming a better steward of the data on nonprofits that our customers share with us so that we can help strengthen transparency and strengthen the value of sectorwide data. We worked with nonprofits, corporations, volunteers, and local technology service providers to begin to explore the emerging nonprofit technology needs and widen the range of technology solutions and services we offer to NGOs worldwide. As a result, there were 5.6 million visits to the TechSoup Global Network websites, and we reached over 470,000 subscribers with 26 newsletters in 13 languages and 22 countries. We invested in further developing our social media channels. In 2013, TechSoup and NetSquared had 56,000 followers. And we continue to invest in becoming a better steward of all this shared data to strengthen transparency sectorwide.

The fruit of these investments is that our ecosystem is more interconnected than ever before. The platform provides a way to sustain community-driven innovations and propagate them throughout the network. Also in 2013:

  • Community boost_r brought together community leaders and international trainers to accelerate local projects in a participant-driven way. Similarly exciting initiatives are in the works for the Asian and African regions.
  • We surveyed constituents to evaluate needs, as well as the reach and impact of our programs.
  • And we made game-changing progress in streamlining global philanthropy through our NGOsource program

Through the stories highlighted in this report (and thousands of others we weren’t able to include), we believe that the TechSoup Global vision emerges – a vision of interconnected agents of social change empowered by technology, expertise, and relationships and working together for the greater good.

We’d love to hear from you – our community of contributors – with any questions, comments, or ideas.




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